How does one get kidney disease?

National Kidney Foundation of South Africa: http// diseases”

Kidney disease can kill – take care of your kidneys and enjoy a long and healthy life.

Ten thousand South African, men and women, young and old, will die of kidney disease or kidney failure every year. Others are luckier and can be treated by dialysis or a kidney transplant. There are also other kidney conditions which don’t require dialysis, but which adversely affect the lives of thousands of South Africans. All of these conditions require early detection, and many can be prevented.

Detected kidney disease needs to be appropriately and skilfully treated. This demands good medical training, active and relevant medical research, and committed support for kidney sufferers. Potentially fatal kidney disorders occur three to four times more commonly in our underprivileged African population.

It is common for kidney disease to go undetected and untreated in a large number of people but taking care of the kidneys can help prevent kidney disease. Quite often the things that we neglect to do can lead to kidney disease such as watching our diet and keeping fit. In SA however the biggest cause of kidney problems is hypertension closely followed by the international most common cause namely diabetes.

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