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Izinso Dialysis services provides life saving dialysis services to communities in Southern African countries. Our goal is to provide these services to people whom are situated in previously disadvantaged areas which are situated very far from the city centers. To assist the very frail patients we provide transport for each dialysis session which they need to receive between 2 and 4 times per week.

Furthermore we focus to uplift the communities we operate in, by educating them about renal failureĀ  and how to prevent or maintain a healthy lifestyle to prolong the period before the total failure of their kidneys. We also strive to employ people from the area in which the clinic resides.

There is a great need for renal treatment in our communities. Unfortunately services can only be given for patients whom can afford these services in the private sector. These dialysis treatments are normally funded through a medical aid or personally financed. Currently patients with no funds available only qualify for treatment in the public hospitals whom has the best chance of survival according to the hospital’s criteria.

We as Izinso understand this need and are willing to assit where we can, but our support is limited because of the cost of a session which include professional nurses, dialysis machines, blood lines, consumables ect.

Please help us safe a life, by donating the minimum cost of a session.


Your donation will be greatly appreciated to help us to assist our beloved patients in all the areas which we operate.

Thank you.

Izinso management.

$ 150.00
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